Why PDS Distribution?

PDS teams are not simply distributors. We are technology innovators, information management experts, security specialists and efficiency professionals, whose expertise streamlines the supply chain to reduce costs and save the nation’s healthcare system both time and money.
Our distribution and delivery prowess, long experience and ample success stories allow us to provide highly effective & efficient distribution systems and services. We consider our distribution delivery network one of our key success factors. 
•    Highly effective & efficient Distribution system using our own refrigerated delivery trucks. 
•    Supply chain management for temperature-controlled products in land transport.
•    We fully guarantee the cold chain for +2ºC / +8ºC and +15ºC / +25ºC shipments.
•    High standard warehousing system that perfectly complies with Good Storage & Distribution Practices (GSDP). 
•    Well-organized sorting, assembling and labeling to ensure correct, precise & safe delivery. 
•    Our trucks have GPS control, thermographs with alarms in case of temperature deviations and double safety locking to guarantee safe and controlled transport from loading the cargo to delivering it to the customer
•    Contracted ARAMEX to ensure the fastest accurate deliveries, covering the full geographical area of Jordan.

Market Analysis

Healthcare distribution has never been just about delivery. It is about getting the right medicines to the right patients at the right time, safely and efficiently. Every day, pharmaceutical distributors sustain a complex supply chain, serving as an important link in the healthcare system and delivering medicines safely, securely and efficiently. Distributors work around the clock to help hundreds of thousands of pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics and other healthcare providers across the country keep their shelves stocked with the medications and products that patients need.
The pharmaceutical distribution industry saves the Jordan’s healthcare system between millions of JDs each year through investments in logistics solutions, supply chain expertise and technological advancements. Without distributors, manufacturers would spend substantial financial, logistical and staff resources on this task that could be used in other important ways. Thanks to distributors, the system is more efficient, reliable and secure. As the healthcare system rapidly changes, distributors are constantly envisioning new ways to move and secure the nation’s medicines, all while protecting patient safety.