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Our Purpose

Traditionally, pharma launches have been all about the new drug or medical device in question: its clinical efficacy, its safety, its superiority to alternatives, and its ease of use. Any issues with customer satisfaction and loyalty are identified and tackled after the event. At PDS, we are initiating and meticulously following the practice of transforming from product to customer experience, as our proven way to launch our pharmaceutical products. Starting with the customer is our drive. By addressing pain points along patient and prescriber journeys, we can increase customer satisfaction, improve adherence, and boost revenues. As complexity increases in the pharma market and competition intensifies in areas such as oncology and immunology, optimizing the customer experience becomes even more important. A “one size fits all” approach to launch will no longer work, thus, specializing and putting the customer needs first is the key to our success.

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PDS teams are not simply distributors. We are technology innovators, information management experts, security specialists and efficiency professionals, whose expertise
Why PDS Demand Management? Although, many key decision makers in the pharmaceutical industry lack knowledge about the essentials of supply chain management. At PDS, we
PDS’ solutions meet the unique requirements of our clients, institutions and partners by providing a range of services, including storage in multiple temperature zones, cold